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June 8th, 2020


By Cheryl Fuller, Training and Organizational Development Coordinator

Did you know that EAFWR offers many trainings that are open to Direct Support People, the people we serve, families and community members?

Inclusion doesn’t have to be a big production. A simple hello is a start. Our Inclusion Workshop is not only for new Direct Support People or families, but for anyone who is interested in building a more inclusive community of belonging. We explore 5 ingredients for quality support, hear stories from qualified facilitators who have lived experienced, and draw on the experience of everyone in the room. l

Understanding Conflict and Communication is a workshop open to all people and organizations who are interested in improving their communication skills and learning about their conflict styles. We share a conflict clearing model that we have used for years at EAFWR. Not only do we offer this training at our office, but we also take this workshop in interested workplaces to help build a more inclusive culture for employees and their customers.

We are proud to offer Sex Talks, a workshop that provides information on sexual health, dating and relationships. This workshop is a series of 1 hour sessions held for 6 weeks. This is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about sexual health and healthy relationships.

Talking About Sexuality Workshop for Caregivers, Families and Support People. We all have questions about our bodies, about sex and about love. So what happens when you are the person being asked for advice? This workshop talks about sex, masturbation, dating and related topics.
In partnership with this training, we also hold a workshop called Talking About Sexuality for parents, Direct Support People and social supports to help navigate difficult topics when it comes to sexual health, sexuality, and dating. Sometimes you get asked a question you may not know the answer to, or a situation you may not know how to handle. This workshop will give you the confidence to provide the knowledge and information to help guide the person you love.


Last year, we were pleased to present our first conference for Direct Support People and the wider community. “Providing Support with Purpose” invited Direct Support People, families, agencies and community members to further their knowledge on making community connections, mindfulness, self-care, and share what kept them committed and engaged in their work. We were grateful to have Peter Leidy, consultant, teacher, songwriter and Peter Marks, Founder and Director, A Centre for Conscious Care and speaker, join us as our workshop presenters.

While our trainings are currently on hold, we look forward to seeing you at these trainings and more once our office reopens!