Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region Team

Inspired by the parents who founded Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region, we believe it is important to put the person first.

Our experienced team work in a thoughtful and professional way, to serve the people we support and our community. Our innovative perspective and commitment to the work we do is at the centre of our organization.

Meet our staff, send a friendly hello, and find out more about Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region.

Board Members

Liz Hedley


As part of Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region’s board, Liz feels such value and worth in the hard work and commitment EAFWR has to their staff, to the families that we serve, and to the community as a whole. Sharing similar philosophy and work ethic, Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region’s commitment to advocacy, education and support in the community is of great importance.

Liz has worked in the Waterloo Region for over 25 years, both in the Development Sector, and currently at Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region. For over 26 years, Liz’s interest, passion and commitment continues to focus on supporting children, youth and families in our community.

Tomasina Channer


Tomasina joined Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region’s Board of Directors in 2018. Living in the region for the past 20 years with her husband and three children, Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region was there when her family received the autism diagnosis of her daughter providing assistance when there seemed to be more questions than answers.

Tomasina brings over 15 years of management experience from the Contact Centre Industry as well as Director level positions with both Sun Life and Manulife. Tomasina wanted to leverage both her personal and professional experience in support of EAFWR, an organization that helps so many as it strives to bring inclusion and awareness to the community.

Caitlin Garcia


Caitlin, a dynamic and highly qualified professional with a well-rounded knowledge of accounting practices and principles, joined the Board of Directors in 2018.

Her strong work ethic and collaborative approach, along with her passion for learning, has been an asset to EAFWR. She has been a welcomed addition to our team, and her knowledge and passion for the organization and the people we serve has been indispensable.

Caitlin has a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration and is a Chartered Professional Accountant. In her full-time role, she is a Senior Tax Manager at BDO Canada LLP. Caitlin became our Board Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee in 2020.

Devon Fernandes


Since the first day he started working alongside Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region to co-found the KW Library of Things, Devon has develop a strong appreciation for how community-based organizations can address complex social issues. Devon has served on the Board of the Laurier Students’ Public Interest Research Group, and continues to find ways demonstrate his commitment to inclusion, community, dignity and belonging.

Devon earned his Master’s in Community Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University and is currently working as Humber College’s Sustainability Specialist.

Chris Letizi


A community builder for over ten years in the Stanley Park Community, Chris has gained experience in community leadership, bringing people together, empowering others and working with individuals from various backgrounds. Chris has lived experience working with individuals with disabilities, through his work with Carizon Family and Community Services, Extend-A-Family and Child and Family Services, as well as supporting his daughter who has Muscular Dystrophy and Scoliosis.

Chris has over 10 years of experience serving on Board of Directors, and through volunteer and paid experience has a knowledge of fundraising, program planning and administrative tasks. Chris is also experienced with supporting and developing policy and strategies, most notably the development of the City of Kitchener’s Neighbourhood Strategy.

Chris has his professional designation in Volunteer Administration and has completed the Volunteer Management Course at Conestoga College. Chris obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social Development from the University of Waterloo and specializations in Legal Studies and Criminology, as well as a diploma in Social Work Studies from Renison College.

Daisy Martin


Daisy joined Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region’s Board of Directors in 2018. She wanted to contribute to a community that has embraced her family by giving back to an organization she feels embodies the values she is passionate about – community, inclusion and dignity for all.

Daisy has her Bachelors of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and has her Project Management Professional (PMP) accreditation.  She has been active in the community through various roles, including champion United Way within her work place, Co-chair to the Hope Spring Dinner event, events Chair for the local PMP chapter and Global Women’s Alliance Professional Development Chair at work.

She and her family have been a part of the KW community over the past 21 years and is proud to call KW home.

Ryan Voisin


Personally and professional, Ryan is a strong and passionate community-builder who believes in celebrating every individual’s unique contributions and achievements. Committed to community-building, Ryan works every day to create safe and inclusive spaces for productive and transformational dialogue. With strong facilitation and strategic thinking as a foundation, Ryan uses humour, creativity, and insight to help individuals and groups move forward collaboratively.

Ryan supports a father who lost the ability to walk unaided over ten years ago, and a mother diagnosed with amnesia three years ago as a result of an acquired brain injury. Ryan believes that it is “one’s environment and not abilities that create a disability”.

Ryan is the Director of Overlap’s Innovation Programs, whose proficiencies include human-centered design competencies rooted in empathy, applying foresight/futures methodologies for long-term planning, transforming organizational culture and design, including executive coaching, group facilitation and mediation, IT, strategic advocacy planning and relationship management.

Sigrid Janus


Sigrid joined the Board in 2021, after having lived several years in Brazil with her family. While abroad, she became engaged in advocating for families with children living with disabilities following the lead of her daughter’s diagnosis. She later was elected a parents’ representative with the Board of the Public Institution that her daughter was attending.

Upon returning to the Region 4 years ago, she was introduced to Extend-A-Family and identified immediately with its people, values and ideals.

Sigrid profoundly believes that we all have something to contribute to building a welcoming and strong community. Advocating with different communities and families to ensure that we are all able to recognize ourselves in our community, is a very important step in this process.

Melissa Quarrie


Melissa joined the Board in 2021 with enthusiasm and experience in advocacy, fundraising, policy development, and risk management. Melissa has a daughter with a developmental disability, and seeks to break down the barriers throughout all aspects of society that have impacted her family and others ability to fully belong and participate in the community.

Melissa is a member of the Waterloo Regional Police Service’s (WRPS) Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Unit. Her team focuses on engagement and consultation with diverse community groups and individuals across the Region, to ensure that all citizens feel safe, valued, and welcomed. In this role, Melissa champions inclusion on a daily basis, including through revision of policy and procedure, provision of education (such as implicit bias and anti-racism training) to membership and relationship building with the wider community.

Adnan Ali


Adnan joined the Board in 2021, with a desire to participate resulting from his experience with EAFWR and our collective mission and vision of community development and greater inclusion. As the African proverb goes, “it takes a village to raise a child” and Adnan believes that it is the ideational understanding of what constitutes a village (society) that is central and where everyone has to play a part based on her/his capabilities.  

Adnan holds a master’s degree in Global Governance and is currently a Data Analyst for the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women). Besides working at the United Nations, Adnan’s other works have been very closely tied with state policies and securities, especially concerning the foreign policy doctrines of the United States and China. Adnan’s skills and experiences include governance, strategic planning, public policy, data analysis, advocacy and leadership.  

Adnan has also been part of developing survey methodologies and collecting primary data. In his professional career, Adnan learned that advocacy becomes that much more potent if you have the right data, and that having policies and strategies that build strong governance and advocacy models enhance stakeholder confidence. 

As a hobby, Adnan is involved in home renovations and follows real estate developments closely. Given Canada’s current housing crisis, Adnan believes that cities should be empowered at the individual level to develop sustainable community housing – instead of taking cues from the provincial or central government. 


Al Mills

ext. 222
Executive Director

Ron Trajano

ext. 225
Director of Services

Courtney Horowitz

ext. 263
Director of Operations

Administration Team and Finance

Bea Binka

ext. 287
Program Specialist

Heather Dowling

ext. 223
Executive Assistant

Maria Gligor

ext. 210
Financial Coordinator

Christina Koenig

ext. 0
Community Ambassador

Ken Lemon

ext. 231
IT Manager

Community Engagement Team

Kerry Cressman

ext. 291
Community Engagement and Event Specialist

Avishka Juta

ext. 226
Marketing and Communications Specialist

Becky Klokoff

ext. 268
Community Engagement and Donor Specialist


Daniel Allen

ext. 232
Support Coordinator

Sanjay Bhaskar

ext. 351
Support Coordinator

Samara de Boer

ext. 227
Support Coordinator

Jessica Cave

ext. 237
Support Coordinator

Tristan Fassel

ext. 250
FamilyHome Recruitment and Networking Coordinator

Rebecca Fowlie

ext. 246
Support Coordinator

Selena Gaus

ext. 302
Support Coordinator

Katie Hagedorn

ext. 248
FamilyHome Coordinator

Chantelle Mann

ext. 270
Support Coordinator

Terral McBay

ext. 235
FamilyHome Coordinator

Kelly McMillan

ext. 230
Support Coordinator

Danielle Paquette

ext. 245
Support Coordinator

Alexis Pite

ext. 264
Support Coordinator

Amal Shire

ext. 242
Support Coordinator

Christine Strong

ext. 244
Support Coordinator

Neha Mariam Sunil

ext. 241
Support Coordinator

Erin Toner

ext. 292
FamilyHome Coordinator

Mikaela Vander Loo

ext. 299
Support Coordinator

Program Managers

Michelle Boismier

ext. 249
Program Manager, FamilyHome

Denise Dietrich-Lelievre

ext. 228
Program Manager, Special Services at Home & Intake

Kimberly Little

ext. 234
Program Manager, Medically Fragile, Technologically Dependent (MFTD) & Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS)

Andrew Owen

ext. 303
Program Manager, Working Adults Learning Empowering Skills (WALES)

Ben Sauder

ext. 290
Manager, Community Programs

Kim Sproul

ext. 247
Program Manager, Community Development

Jill Swanton

ext. 301
Program Manager, Passport

Recruitment and Training

Ash Densa

ext. 265
Recruitment Coordinator / Community Support Coordinator

Cheryl Fuller

ext. 238
Human Resources Manager

Noor Othman

ext. 221
Human Resources Generalist

Michelle Scala

ext. 253
Recruitment and Volunteer Coordinator


Brianna Gaebel

ext. 305
Community Facilitator

Desiree Hinsperger

ext. 309
Community Facilitator

Gryphon Sibbald

ext. 307
Community Facilitator


Beth Weisberg

Community Facilitator