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June 29th, 2015

Opportunity to be a Supportive Roommate

Share life with a quiet woman in her mid-thirties who enjoys crafting, texting, quiet music and working out at the YMCA

“I am a friendly, quiet person. I like to spend time by myself and also with some people but not too many. I want a roommate who is friendly, neat and quiet. I would like her to listen to me and not tell me what to do.  I would like her to be my friend. I would like her to get to know my family and friends and I would like to get to know her family and friends too.”BV

  • The ideal roommate would be a woman (or women led family), who would be a companion and offer emotional support as well as assistance with cooking, cleaning and daily routines.
  • You would share life in a semi-detached home near Erb St./Fischer-Hallman in Waterloo: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, great kitchen, recreation room and backyard; rent is $600/mo + shared utilities
  • Receive a monthly honorarium in recognition of the support offered, as well as support and supervision provided by Extend-A-Family

Please contact Sarah Martin more information smartin@eafwr.on.ca or 519-741-0190 ext. 238


General FamilyHome Provider Description
Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region


  • A desire to share your life with another person
  • Embrace the philosophy that FamilyHome is a lifestyle and not a job
  • Possess the ability to respond to the needs of another person
  • Adopt a person-centred perspective
  • Be in good health
  • Have a reliable, primary source of income
  • Being patient, understanding, flexible, creative and can think “out of the box” and able to problem solve
  • Be willing to work cooperatively with the FamilyHome Program staff and other service providers/professionals
  • Own or rent their own home independent of the FamilyHome Program
  • Meet the screening requirements of the Program as well as completing a successful home study

A FamilyHome Provider is responsible for offering a variety of supports to the individual living with them. Supports may include assistance or reminders with self care, finances and budgeting, communication (socially or with other people and professionals in the community), maintaining daily routines of home life, social relationships and being involved in the community. A FamilyHome Provider offers a welcoming home which includes both the physical home (comfortable, own room, privacy), as well as inviting the person to spend time with the family (whoever that may be), enjoying established routines and traditions, and creating new ones together. A FamilyHome Provider sees their role not as a job, but as a lifestyle which they enter into with a long-term commitment in mind. They are accountable to the FamilyHome Program, a program recognized by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Responsibilities and Functions:

Support to Individual:

  • Providing meals, a private bedroom and participation in aspects of family life as much as the individual is interested in
  • Providing a healthy and safe living environment
  • Ensuring regular medical, dental and other specialist checkups as required
  • Maintaining and encouraging contact with the people who are important to the individual
  • Encouraging the individual to connect to and become involved in the community, helping seek out new experiences, connections and opportunities in line with their own interests
  • Encouraging the individual’s choices and participation in school, work, volunteer, recreation and spiritual activities outside the home
  • Provide transportation as needed to appointments, activities and social events in the community
  • Be involved in the development and implementation of a Personal Plan

The FamilyHome Provider shall perform other related duties including:

  • Cooperating with an annual Fire, Health and Safety Inspection of the home and complying with any recommendations
  • Assisting the individual with their day-to-day banking, and management of their Ontario Disability Support Program Allowance
  • Maintaining records and accounts (both program and financial) as directed by the Coordinator, and making these records and accounts available to the Coordinator and upon request
  • Keeping the individual’s information and records in strict confidence
  • Participating in FamilyHome Provider meetings, individual review meetings and training workshops as requested by the Coordinator or the FamilyHome Program
  • Carrying out any other duties deemed necessary by the Coordinator, Provider or individual

The FamilyHome Provider shall work cooperatively with the FamilyHome Program Coordinator by:

  • Attending scheduled appointments with the Coordinator
  • Informing the Coordinator, as soon as possible, of any medical emergency, or any circumstances which would necessitate a major change in routine, treatment, or care of the individual
  • Allowing private contact with the individual and the Coordinator at any time
  • Seeking approval from the Coordinator prior to making any bedroom changes for the individual in the home or with respect to any change of address
  • Not entering into any agreements with any other agency that would involve the placement of any child or adult into the FamilyHome without prior approval of the Coordinator
  • Having a dependable means of transportation for the Individual, and ensuring that vehicle insurance is adequate (minimum $1,000,000)