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June 9th, 2020

Enhanced Respite (MFTD)

By Kimberly Little, MFTD and LHIN Program Manager

I have had more reflective moments around the kind of support I provide to families, specifically to those who have a child with medically complex needs or who are Medically Fragile Technologically Dependent (MFTD) –considering changes in early 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having to shift the ways in which we communicate and connect with the people we support during this time has really demanded far more creativity and patience from everyone. I can only imagine the levels of possible fear and feelings of uncertainty that parents may be experiencing throughout this world health crisis. 

I had one parent say to me recently that “now the rest of the world knows what it feels like to have to constantly wash your hands and wear gloves – to be aware of the impact of what happens when this isn’t done or followed”

What has become apparent to me is how the community has come together to figure “stuff out,” basically life as we know it now, as we forge ahead. I will continue to offer a sense of optimism and support to families as best I can – as we are collectively #virtuallyBetterTogether from home.