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June 10th, 2020

Community Development

By Kim Sproul, Community Development Manager

I like to think of engagement in Community Development as a Venn diagram. In one overlapping circle is the connecting of EAFWR to those we serve. This year, that included Special Sibs (in partnership with Kerry’s Place Autism Services and KidsAbility), On the House (in partnership with Bridges to Belonging and Waterloo Region Family Network), Board Games Café and Open Space, to name a few.

Parents and caregivers enjoyed a night out at On the House, a partnership with Bridges to Belonging and Waterloo Region Family Network

Open Space participants and facilitators enjoying coffee, conversation and music at Open Mic Night











In another overlapping circle is the work of Community Development in engaging the broader community. We are a member of Wellbeing Waterloo Region’s Social Catalyst group, as well as the Mayor’s Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. We partnered in planning inclusive events like the Rainbow Community Coalition’s Meet and Greet and the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Foundation’s On the Table. We have provided I Choose Dignity in the Classroom in two schools, with a total of five Grade 1 classes.

EAFWR hosted its 6th annual Ball Hockey Tournament at Neighbours Day 2019, in partnership with Stanley Park Community Association

Community members shared their thoughts at On The Table in September 2019

However, it is where all three circles overlap that brings life to Community Development. Annual events like Neighbours Day, Jane’s Walks, and Warming a Community are planned collaboratively, inclusive of all. Of note, true success is when the overlap between the broader community and those we serve, WITHOUT EAFWR, shines. In that, EAFWR takes no credit. It is engagement at the level it belongs – person connecting to another, with no need of a social service agency.