September 10th, 2019

Developmental Services Housing Task Force releases final report and recommendations about housing for adults with developmental disabilities

In response to Ontario’s housing crisis, the provincial government launched the Developmental Services Housing Task Force in 2015 issuing a province-wide call for “innovative new housing proposals designed specifically for adults with a developmental disability.”

As of 2018, the Housing Task Force funding generated 18 projects designed to create innovative, inclusive, sustainable and affordable housing solutions for adults who have a developmental disability.

The housing projects provided valuable lessons and innovative examples of supporting people with developmental disabilities to live in their own homes. Over the course of their four year mandate, the Housing Task Force explored a variety of innovations that crossed ministries, governments and public sectors.

The Housing Task Force has released their final report, GENERATING IDEAS AND ENABLING ACTION: Addressing the Housing Crisis Confronting Ontario Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

Read the full report:

Register for Partners for Planning’s webinaron Wednesday September 11 at 7PM.

Ron Prussen, Chair of the Housing Task Force and Lynda Kahn, Vice-Chair will discuss key recommendations included in the final report.