June 11th, 2021

Creating a Community of Connection

By: Kim Sproul, Community Development Manager

Community Development (CD) took a huge hit in 2020-21, for the obvious reason of COVID-19 causing the abrupt halt of all things in-person and community-orientated, as well as the completion of two grants. The completion of these grants meant that our  team dwindled to myself as the only full-time staff. I was at a loss. 

Feeling inspired and supported by EAFWR’s new mission statement, which champions working with people with disabilities, their networks and the broader community, I envisioned how CD could connect these three groups, who, while interconnected, have their own needs, priorities and gifts. This beautiful butterfly of connection is my north star. It reminds me that all three layers of humans need to be part of the story. People with disabilities need to take up and be welcomed into their rightful place in community, with the support of networks. The broader community has to be accountable for their own effort towards making this connection reality – how they welcome it and create conditions for efforts to thrive.

2021-22 promises to translate this vision throughout EAFWR. We must weave this way of working throughout every team at EAFWR. The CD team is about to grow to the size of the entire organization.