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May 11th, 2016

When Your Get Up and Go Has Got Up and Left

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If you’re looking for a blog from a self-motivated, committed, dedicated runner – you have come to the wrong place. I struggle greatly with consistently making time each week to run. In fact, this past Saturday marked my first run in about a week’s time.

My excuses are plentiful: my plans for an afternoon run had to change because work required me to stay late; my insomnia has been awful, leaving me too exhausted to run in the morning; my husband’s work schedule has picked up so my free time is grabbed keeping the household running smoothly; it’s too cold; it’s too hot; and my favourite (and I swear I actually used this one): I had soup for lunch late in the afternoon and I think I might have too much liquid in my stomach to go out for a run.

If I’m honest with myself, finding the motivation to go for a run is often much harder than the run itself. There aren’t many runs that I don’t at some point think to myself: this isn’t so bad! I can’t think of any run that ended with me regretting having gotten out and gotten it done.

So what’s with the lack of motivation? I’m not happy with the weight that’s made a home for itself on my hips since my 40s arrived – that should be a motivator to run. I’m signed up to do the 10k at June 19th’s Waterloo Classic in support of Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region – that should be a motivator to run. There is an endless amount of research that affirms exercise has a positive impact on how successfully we age – that should be a motivator to run.

But running is hard. Running hasn’t instantly resulted in my jeans being wrestled up over my hips. Running takes up a chunk of time – something I feel like I’m in short supply of.

Would thinking about running differently improve my motivation? Yup – running is hard and it’s hard because I’m pushing my body out of its comfort zone and that’s amazing. Yup – while my 10-year-old jeans might never fit me again, I should be grateful for the active, healthy body that I have. Yup – I seem to make lots of time for a host of asks, it’s time to make time for running.

An attitude adjustment might be the first bit of stretching I need to do before I run.

And while I’m working at changing my attitude about running, there’s always:

  • One new song for my iPod each week that I run at least three times
  • A new running shirt when I hit a monthly running goal (incidentally – for somebody who doesn’t run much, my stuff gets stinky quickly! A learning I had – cheap out on running shirts as they get replaced often…or at least they should be)
  • A guilt-free dinner date with the hubby at Lancaster Smokehouse or somewhere equally carbolicious!

A coworker suggested that perhaps “admitting” to the songs that keep me motivated while I run could be a good share with readers. Between Pitbull’s “International Love”, Will.I.Am and Nicky Minaj’s “Check It Out” and Kendrick Lamar’s “I”…I realize now that my taste in music is questionable at best.

If you’ve got any secrets for staying motivated – please share! Pass them along my way at ssarachman@eafwr.on.ca and I’ll tweet them out.


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