June 3rd, 2014

TEAM! Simple Strategies to Success


Simple Strategies to Success

The Direct Support Workers Newsletter: Volume 3, Issue 5

By: Michael Adegoke, Kenny Balogun, Kimberley Beattie, Mark Berko, Dehan Clarke,
Kenneth Duncan, Chris Edigue, Andrew Efosa, Esohe Erhun, Joseph Eyiah, Nosiru Folaji,
Luke Lynn, Bunmi Okanlawon, Osagie Osarentin, Neshevitha Siripathy

Initially, the caption to this article was going to be “The Secret to Success.” However, secret means
something that is hidden – kept away from exposure. Our team has come to the conclusion that
there is no secret to building a successful team. All of the ingredients are available to all those who
have the intention of being the best or successful in whatever endeavours they pursue.

Our immediate team is made up of 15 staff members. We are diverse in many ways: multi-cultural,
multi-religious, different sexual orientations, gender, and an age range that spans 30+ years. These
differences have turned out to be one of our greatest strengths. The wide range of unique
perspectives and our ability to learn how to utilize everyone’s various talents has created our
dynamic team…

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While most Extend-a-Family Waterloo Region Direct Support Workers do work primarily one-on-one with individuals, we wanted to share this as a “Team” can be any group of people who gather together to support and enhance the life of someone!