June 11th, 2021

Staying Connected through the Changes

By: WALES Group Facilitators

Like many of us, in March 2020, Christy had a well-established routine that included many of the activities she loved. She lived on her own, attended community exercise classes, volunteered at a local thrift store, and gathered regularly with friends visiting various local cafes. When COVID appeared in our lives and community life as we knew it changed, Christy had to find a new routine.

Though the pandemic had changed the way communities gathered, Christy found new ways to keep her communities together. Christy took the time to send birthday cards and chat with her Aquafit friends on the phone. She worked out online and built her online fitness routine. Christy continues to meet with one of her Cafe Groups and cooking groups online.

Christy found herself missing work, so she started working online with WALES facilitators to find a place she could use her gifts. When an opportunity to volunteer with EAFWR’s Library of Things came up, Christy recognized that the role fit perfectly with her experience and skills from working in the thrift store over the years. She decided to apply and got the job! She is excited to start her job now that the lockdown is lifted.

Throughout the pandemic, Christy has discovered that she has many roles – she is a friend, an athlete, a baker, and an employee. 2020 was a year of change and Christy adjusted to each of the changes that came her way with positivity and perseverance.