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April 13th, 2016

Waterloo Classic Run – Promises

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See Sally Run

Let me begin this blog with some promises.

I promise that I am not one of those runners – people who just naturally take to running with their first stride, glisten with just a hint of perspiration and bounce across the finish line.

I promise I am that runner – who struggles to find a pace slightly quicker than a brisk walk, who drips with sweat  and who is exhausted well before the finish line appears.

I promise that if I can run a 5km race – slow, sweaty and totally out of gas by the end – so can you.

Most importantly, I promise that it is so very worth it.

Standing amongst runners of all skill levels and experience while waiting for the starter’s gun to sound is a mixture of excitement and nervousness unlike anything else I’ve ever felt. I want so badly for you to share in that experience.

(Let me tell you a little lesson that I learned quickly – as you look around, don’t think you can accurately figure out who’s going to be a gazelle when that gun goes off. At my sluggish pace, I’ve managed to pass runners who are decked out from head to runner’s toe in name brand gear. And I’ve also been passed by runners whose age, shape and attire never would have suggested the amazing athlete that would be finishing well ahead of me.)

As the race is underway and your nerves are a bit more under control – you start noticing: there are actual spectators cheering YOU on; there are other runners who truly think it’s awesome that you’re sharing this experience with them; there are people at the finish line who are mighty impressed that you’ve just done something awesome.  I want so badly for you to share in that experience.

And now’s your chance!

Through an amazing partnership between Run Waterloo and Your Neighbourhood Credit Union, proceeds from the June 19th Waterloo Classic will support Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region. We’re thrilled!

Runners can choose between a 3k, 5k or 10k race – running as individuals or as part of the Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region team. To register, simply click here. You’ll find details for both runners and spectators.

Now that you’re registered (c’mon – you know you want to!), I hope you’ll come back and visit this blog for a bit of inspiration and information to help you get ready for your race. I’ll keep you updated on my journey towards the 19th and share some stories and learnings from other others along the road.

Let’s share in this experience together.


See Sally Run is a 2016 Waterloo Classic Blog by Sally Sarachman. Check back to for new blogs about her journey to this year’s run, and how you can run along side her.