February 12th, 2015

Growing Together

Nic and I were matched and shared an instant connection. We really bonded over our shared love of video games, youtube videos, comic books, and movies. It’s not uncommon for us to get lost in ‘nerding out’ while everyone else’s eyes glaze over and they laugh at how we seemingly speak our own language. Nic’s little sister Julia often joins in on the fun and we all share jokes, learning experiences, and fun activities. Maybe someday one of them will be even be able to beat me in Mario Kart (maybe).

My relationship with Nic has been a wonderful opportunity for both of us to thrive, as I am able to apply my education in psychology to develop a personal development program for him where we work on goals in coping with anxiety, developing fine motor skills, problem solving abilities, and emotional coaching. Even Julia has taken in interest in personal growth and helps Nic and I work towards mutual goals, as well as actively working on her own personal growth. We have really grown together and become an unstoppable force.  The family has shown me nothing but pure kindness, generosity, and warmth, teaching me that Extend-A-Family works both ways for families and workers alike.

I feel blessed and honoured everyday working with these children and being able to be an active member in their lives. Watching them grow and learn is a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to see the amazing people they will grow up to become.

match pic