May 22nd, 2015

Exciting Youth Summer Volunteer Opportunity

Would you like to fulfill the requirement for 40 hours of high school volunteer experience in a fun and exciting way?

We are offering a “peer vacation experience” in August for high school students who are interested in contributing to an inclusive community. We are looking for committed students who would like to vacation alongside people with special needs for one or two of the five-day vacations situated in rural southern Ontario. Whether it’s working together to complete a task, singing along to the camp songs, or making a new friend, this is a fun and exciting opportunity to share with others, build community, AND receive 40 hours of volunteer time. Those interested in applying should apply as soon as possible by sending a resume and cover letter as well as their responses to the following questions to:

  1. What does an inclusive community look like to you? And how do you contribute to the creation of an inclusive community?
  2. How has volunteering shaped your values or beliefs?

For more information about the Peer Vacationer program, please contact: Mitch Bewick, Summer Program Coordinator 519-741-0190 x 263