June 11th, 2021

Like Two Peas in a Pod

Paulina and Brenda first met in September of 2019. Paulina was looking for something meaningful to do with her spare time, and Brenda was in search of a support worker that was caring and understanding of her needs and goals. Paulina heard of Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region (EAFWR) through a colleague and Brenda heard of about EAFWR through her DSO (Developmental Services Ontario) worker.


The pair hit it off from the start, like two peas in a pod. They both enjoy going to the cinema, Broadway theatre, bowling, mini golf and even going out for meals together. Brenda was very accepting of Paulina’s son, Gabriel, who also has special needs and has invited him along on most of their experiences  together. Their relationship is more than just support work; it is a deep, loving and caring friendship, almost as if they were family.  Paulina has even spent time with Brenda’s mom, Joan. This past summer, they all went to the beach in Goderich a couple of times and are hoping to go again this summer.   

They meet on a regular weekly basis and at times if they do not go out, they are at each other’s homes, watching movies, playing games, and doing puzzles. Brenda knows and feels that she can rely on Paulina for anything that she may need or want and is always greatly appreciative, as Paulina is always willing to be there for both Brenda and her mom.